Melhores Fanart #4

Um pouco atrasado devido ao atraso dos restantes posts, mas aqui está.
Lembrando que estas fanart’s são do dia 5 de Agosto a 11 de Agosto.

SODA☆please ~そーだ☆ぷりーず~ by keepout★3日東た01b on pixiv

千代田区『加速器町』 by JH科学/3日目東7あ-34b on pixiv

シノアリス、ニーアコラボ by 星咲 玲汰 on pixiv

by RONOPU on pixiv

響ちゃん by いおり on pixiv
(Kantai Collection)

🏁 by ダンミル on pixiv

【PFRD】浮游石动力运输舰.基础型 by 超凶の狄璐卡 on pixiv

【PFRD】Veronica & Berrythesca by Stu_dts on pixiv

ShinSekai by Yuu on pixiv

古波蔵棗 by 乃木Lief@三日目東ヨ41a on pixiv
(Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru)

【PFRD】不敗王の復活 2.1 by 超凶の狄璐卡 on pixiv

蒼鬼 by 真衣@夏コミ3日目東た-19b on pixiv

椿 by 村カルキ on pixiv

【PFRD】黒武士 by Stu_dts on pixiv

アルトリアVSモードレッド by Azomo on pixiv

八重桜 by ideolo@金曜東ラー36b on pixiv
(Collapse 3rd)

ひと夏の出会い by saihate on pixiv

[C92新刊] Felidae by にもし@3日目す-01a on pixiv

アストルフォ by なかば@よろず本通販 on pixiv

【C92公式紙袋イラスト】聖地 by mocha@3日目東き40b on pixiv

王国の夜景 by けみ猫 on pixiv

【再録】カゲプロイラスト本 by あさひまち on pixiv
(Kagerou Project)

ワイバーンライダー・エイファ by 唯@W-日曜日東あ23b on pixiv

THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVIANTART by AlectorFencer on DeviantArt

Overgrown by SolarSouth on DeviantArt

Mission 2 by Jessada-Art on DeviantArt

Illuminations ( project: Eight eights ) by SolarSouth on DeviantArt

Minotaurus by derylbraun on DeviantArt

Wind Vale by Alayna on DeviantArt

Hearthstone – Valeera the Hollow by namesjames on DeviantArt

Dark Regions Cover by TentaclesandTeeth on DeviantArt

Transformer Dragon by ChrisCold on DeviantArt

Prophet of the Sea by Eriyal on DeviantArt

Encounter by IvanLaliashvili on DeviantArt

86d by grindeath-art on DeviantArt

Zophiel by shizen1102 on DeviantArt

Unicorn Guy by WinterGoesDraw on DeviantArt

The Wearle Cover by kerembeyit on DeviantArt

Deer Hunt by The-SixthLeafClover on DeviantArt

Winter sun. by Assovi on DeviantArt

Field Troposphere by TakayamaToshiaki on DeviantArt

Night Howler from Hearthstone by Nicolasaviori on DeviantArt

drawing jam!! by gao-lukchup on DeviantArt